This simple website auto-posts one short passage of Greek and one short passage of Latin, alternating between prose and poetry, every midnight (EST). For the most part passages are taken from shared texts on the PhD reading lists of Yale, Harvard, Michigan, and UChicago.

James Patterson and David Welch created this website first and foremost for graduate students preparing for Greek and Latin translation exams. With it they can read at least something in Greek and Latin every day, even when overwhelmed with other work. Just add it to your normal morning routine doing Wordle, reading the comics, or whatever else you do.

Subscribe and get the passages in your inbox every morning. Eventually we might also post to Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. And later this summer (2023) we will produce actual tear off calendars for your desk.

Contributors to date: Marquis Berrey, Kirk Freudenburg, Christina Kraus, Pauline LeVen, Caolán Mac An Aircinn, James Patterson, David Welch.

If you would like to contribute, send passages to James Patterson or David Welch.

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